Frequently Asked Questions

Is my EHIC renewed automatically?
No, you have to make an application for renewal.

When can I renew my EHIC?
The EHIC can be renewed when there is less than 6 months until the expiry date shown on the card, or at any time after the card has expired. The expiry date is printed on the front of your card.

I need to renew my EHIC but have lost the EHIC PIN. What do I do?
If none of your personal details have changed, you can fill out the form on our website without your PIN and your EHIC will be renewed. If only your address has changed, you can simply enter your new address on our form and the cards will be sent to that address. If you have changed your name for any reason and you have lost your EHIC PIN, you cannot renew online. Please phone 0845 606 2030 instead.

My EHIC is eligible for renewal, but my spouse/partner/child has a card with an expiry date that falls outside of the renewal period. What do I do?
You can still renew your EHIC online. It is important that you enter the details of all members of the family, even those who are not eligible to renew their EHIC. This allows family members to remain linked on the NHS system. Only those who are eligible will receive new cards.

What do I do with my E111?
It is essential that you apply for a EHIC, as all E111 forms are now invalid. You can apply for your EHIC here.

My name has changed. How can I update my details?
Contact the NHS enquiry line on 0845 605 0707

Can I include my children on my own card?
No. Separate cards will be issued to each family member. For children under 16 years of age, please add them to your application as a dependent, and remember to enter the National Insurance number of a parent/guardian on their application.

Do I still need travel insurance if I have the EHIC?
It is advisable to have both. Many insurance companies will require that you have the EHIC prior to offering you cover, and tailored insurance products can provide you with cover that you will not receive under the EHIC system.

What cover does the EHIC provide?
You will be eligible for treatment provided by the state healthcare scheme in the country you are visiting. Repatriation costs are not included. For more complete information, please visit

Where can I use the EHIC?
For a full list of all countries visit

I had to pay for medical treatment abroad. How do I claim a refund?
In these circumstances you should try to obtain reimbursement before you return home. Conditions vary between countries. Please visit for more information.