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There are some restrictions on the eligibility for an European Health Insurance Card depending on your nationality. The following are some guidelines.

  • EU nationals, stateless persons and refugees are covered in all EEA countries and Switzerland.
  • Nationals not covered in Switzerland include Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.
  • Nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are covered in all EEA countries but not in Switzerland.
  • Swiss nationals are covered in all EU countries but not in Liechtenstein or Norway. In Iceland they are covered for emergency treatment only.
  • Dependents of EEA nationals who are ordinarily resident in the UK are covered in all EEA countries and Switzerland, irrespective of their own nationality.

Other restrictions also apply in some circumstances. Please refer to your local government provided information for these other conditions and restrictions.

UK citizens are referred to the UK Department of Health pages about the European Health Insurance Card for more information and application procedures.